Colour Analysis and Personal Style Coaching

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The key ingredients to a new and inspiring you... 

is to simply add a splash of colour!

Surrounding yourself with colour has the wonderful ability to change your emotions and feelings.

You will already be drawn to an array of colours for both yourself and your surroundings.

My role is to introduce complimentary colours which you will then be able to wear confidently in appropriately styled outfits.

Together we can rejuvenate your wardrobe and I will reassure you of what already works well for you and what we might need to replace.

We are constantly changing, celebrate those changes and learn to accept them and make them work in your favour.

Body contouring profiling will teach you the secrets about accentuating your best assets.

"I am thrilled to be able to pass on my enthusiasm and knowledge for both colour and fashion to empower others.

This is the essence of Colour Girl."

Emma Dobbelaar